Outside our keen team at the National Office, everything ASA does is done by member volunteers. They’re the backbone of the ASA. Without them, the work we do simply isn’t possible.

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Company Monitoring

ASA has a dedicated team of company monitors who meet with company chairs and directors to discuss issues of importance to retail shareholders. Based on our board engagement and independent analysis of the annual report and financial statements, our monitors prepare voting intentions, having regard to ASA’s Voting and engagement guidelines, and they attend AGMs on behalf of our members and retail shareholders.

Voting intentions are published on our website generally two weeks ahead of the AGM (available to members only). All shareholders are welcome to nominate ASA as their proxy. This applies to both members and non-members, irrespective of whether they attend a company meeting as shareholders.

Our company monitors are all ASA member volunteers and participate in annual training and regular monitors’ meetings.

We encourage all shareholders to attend company meetings and have prepared a handy Guide to shareholders attending online AGMs during COVID-19.

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State Chairs

The ASA operates nationally with active committees in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT. Each state is overseen by a state chair with a state committee. The state committee is responsible for the coordination and activities of the state and serves as the conduit between the office and the local volunteers and members. For information about the ASA in your state please feel free to contact us via this email address: share@asa.asn.au


Richard McDonald

NSW State Chair
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Christine Haydon

VIC State Chair

Geoff Sherwin

WA State Chair

John O'Callaghan

ACT Acting State Chair

Alison Harrington

Queensland State Chair
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TAS State Chair

Company Monitoring Chairs

Lewis Gomes

NSW Company Monitoring Chair

Len Roy

WA Company Monitoring Chair

Bob Ritchie

SA Company Monitoring Chair

Fiona Balzer

QLD Company Monitoring Chair with Paul Donohoe

Mike Robey & John Whittington

Joint VIC Company Monitoring Chairs